parrhesia - a journal of critical philosophy
A Note from the Editors (In Praise of Distaste)

Arne De Boever, Jon Roffe and Ashley Woodward




Prostheses of Desire: On Bernard Stiegler's New Critique of Projection

Erich Hörl, translated by Arne De Boever

Interpretation of the General Introduction to Chapter VII

Alexandre Kojève, translated by Ian Alexander Moore

On Abbas Kiarostami's Close Up

Bernard Stiegler, translated by Arne De Boever


Hegel's Cogito: On the Genetic Epistemology of Critical Metaphysics
Nathan Brown

"History is the Spectre Haunting Modern Society": Temporality and Praxis in Guy Debord's Hegelian Marxism
Tom Bunyard


Criterion Creation: A Metaepistemological Problem in Perspective
Sylwia Chrostowska


The Body as Proffer, An Involuntary 'Here I am!'
Tyler Tritten




Daniel Colucciello Barber, Deleuze and the Naming of God: Post-Secularism and the Future of Immanence
Alex Dubilet


Anthony Paul Smith, A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature: Ecologies of Thought
Paul J. Ennis


Finding Common Ground with Jeremy Gilbert
Conor Heaney


François Laruelle, Dictionary of Non-Philosophy, translated by Taylor Adkins
Ian James


Andreas Vrahimis, Encounters Between Analytic and Continental Philosophy
Jack Reynolds


Ian James, The New French Philosophy
Ashley Woodward