parrhesia - a journal of critical philosophy
Editors' Introduction: Continental Philosophy in Australasia

Paul Alberts, Diego Bubbio, Charles Barbour, and Alex Ling




Anarchist All the Way Down: Walter Benjamin's Subversion of Authority in Text, Thought and Action

James R. Martel

Freud's Other Legacy

Elizabeth Rottenberg


Propositions, Objects, Questions

Graham Harman, in conversation with Jon Roffe

What Need, What Metaphysics?

Gianni Vattimo


Humour as the Inverted Sublime: John Paul's Laughter within Limitations
Peter Banki

Foucault's Madmen
Max Deutscher


The New Apophatic Universalism: Deconstructive Critical Theories and Open Togetherness in the European Tradition
William Franke

Foucault's Forgotten Hegelianism
James Muldoon


Same-Sex Marriage: Zero Tolerance
Louise Richardson-Self


Nietzsche's Negative View of Freedom
David Rowe


Albert Camus and the Ethics of Moderation
Lana Starkey

The Law of Becoming and the Shackles of Sufficient Reason in Quentin Meillassoux's Hyper-Chaos
Thomas Sutherland


Hegel, "Totality," and "Abstract Universality" in the Philosophy of Theodor Adorno
Dimitri Vouros


The Fate of Leo, the Grovelling Nazi in Images of a Relief and the Transcendence of Evil
Alexandr Andreas Wansbrough