parrhesia - a journal of critical philosophy



The Philosophy of Morphogenesis

Raymond Ruyer, translated by Jon Roffe and Nick B. de Weydenthal

Technologies of Memory and Imagination

Bernard Stiegler, translated by Ashley Woodward and Amélie Berger Soraruff

Saussurean Terontology: What Derrida did not Read in the Course in General Linguistics

Patrice Maniglier, translated by David Maruzzella




Logocentrism? Foucault's Late Response to Derrida

Gideon Baker

What is Political Rationality?

Lars Cornelissen

What does it Mean to Make up the Mind (οὕτω διανοεῖσθε)?

Justin Murphy

The Pharmacology of Addiction

Gerald Moore




Which Heidegger? A Response to Ingo Farin

Thomas Sheehan

Reply to Prof. Sheehan

Ingo Farin

Manuel DeLanda, Assemblage Theory

Andrew Ball